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THE Kimmel Institute (formerly The Boca Vein Center) offers vein treatments to meet the community need for a dedicated and experienced vascular surgeon to help patients with various types of vein disorders. While many vein centers may offer similar services, The Kimmel Institute believes only Board-Certified CardioVascular Surgeons should personally direct all of your venous interventions. For over 20 years Dr. Kimmel has successfully treated patients in the Boca Raton area for all aspects of their vein treatment needs; he now applies his expertise as a Vascular Surgeon to the outpatient management of varicose and spider veins.  

The Kimmel Institute has also expanded its services to include advanced laser/IPL and injectable aesthetic treatments to meet their patients" needs. Don"t be fooled by other "specialists" who want to treat your veins. If you want an expert in Vascular problems, Dr. Kimmel and The KIMMEL INSTITUTE offer you a beautiful, comfortable, private and secure environment for all your vein care needs along with the experience of a true vascular specialist. Free Screening! Call today to see if you qualify for a free screening evaluation at our office. There is no obligation, so call today!  

All major insurance plans accepted.

The Kimmel Institute offers a wide variety of spider vein treatments and varicose vein treatments in Boca Raton, Florida.

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